September 10, 2009

Facebook Virus

We have seen several computers in the shop in the last two weeks with a new virus. In each case the virus was contracted by users of Facebook.

There are several variants including:

Koobface (click here for info)
Facebook Fan Check (click here for info) Malware worm

Facebook tracks these things and has posted information on some of these threats here.

Most of the attacks seem to come from fake emails received reportedly from Facebook. Please use extreme caution when responding or viewing emails from the site.

Training Classes

Our classes in August were a sucess and we will be having more in September and October.

In September we will hold Windows 101, and the follow up class Windows 102 will be taught by Tim Younce.

In October we will be holding two new classes, "Build or Upgrade Your Own Computer" will be taught by yours truly, and "Installing Windows 7" will be available after you get that new computer built, or if you want to upgrade your existing PC.

We will also hold "Introduction to Windows 7" again in October, as well as Windows 101/102.

Windows 101, 102, Introduction to Windows 7 and Installing Windows 7 are all $25 and run about 2 hours each. "Build or Upgrade Your Own Computer" is 4 hours, runs over two weekends, and costs $35, parts are available, or you may supply our own. Call or stop by the shop for details.

Take a Tour of Our Shop

If you haven't been to the Village Geek website lately, stop by and take our virtual tour!

As always, please call us for any question or concern 317-733-0213.


Steve Weigle and the staff at Village Geek Computers